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Special Projects

FE Bennett Company offers a wide selection of custom production services to provide you with the purpose built parts and products needed for your specific applications. Ranging from small polyurethane wheels to heavy duty lifts and large scale industrial storage solutions, we have experience providing a wide variety of custom products. We will work with you to supply the equipment that meets your exact requirements.

We have relationships with many different fabrication shops and manufacturers which allows us to provide custom equipment with materials ranging from plastics such as nylon & polyurethane up to a variety of metals including aluminum & stainless steel using all standard manufacturing processes. We strive to provide it all.

Stainless Steel Automated Drum Inverter

Our customer wanted to further automate their production line of powdered food additive products, and needed a way to dump 55-gallon drums into hoppers that are over 10 feet above the ground.

These custom designed fully stainless steel drum inverters were built to automatically lift, tilt, and discharge drums in 110 seconds of operation time. All operations automated with the the touch of a button.

Automated Lift, Tilt, and Discharge system operated by simple controls:

  • Seals funnel to top of 55-gallon drum
  • Lifts over 150″ then fully inverts drum 180°
  • Opens funnel valve and activates pneumatic vibrator to fully discharge drum
  • Closes funnel and returns empty drum to starting position
  • Total operation time: 110 Seconds

Adjustable Lift for harbor Access Ramp

Our customer needed a way to adjust the height of their harbor walk ramps to allow for quick, safe pedestrian access to docked ships. Our solution was an oversized heavy duty scissor lift table, made by Southworth. This solution allows them to instantly raise, or lower their ramps at the touch of a button to adjust to the changing tides.

  • Simple controls mounted to walkway railing for easy height adjustments
  • Allows for safer access to docked ships

Heavy Duty Dual-Wheeled Pneumatic Casters

Our customer had an existing platform for securing helicopters during maintenance and needed a way to transport the loaded platform into and out of their workshop. We provided them with dual wheeled extra heavy duty pneumatic casters to mount to the platform which allowed them to easily transport the loaded platforms.