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FE Bennett Company offers a selection of rental equipment available for customers in the Portland metro area. All rental units must be picked up and returned to our store at 739 NE Broadway St, Portland, Oregon 97232.

Quantities are limited. To reserve your rental, or for more information please call us at 1-866-201-4271.

Rol-A-Lift Machinery skates: $95 per day / $290 per week

Model Number: M-4-6

Rol-A-Lifts are ideal for handling large, awkward objects or heavy equipment that is difficult to maneuver or position. Such as refrigerator cases, safes, large machines, bulky crates, and more. Rentals come with a set of two 12-foot ratchet straps to secure the load.

  • Lift Height: Up to 12-1/8″
  • Capacity: 6,000 lbs up to 6″ / 4,000 lbs over 6″
  • Fork Center-to-Center: Adjustable from 3″ to 16″
  • Fork Width: 3″
  • Fork Length: 6″

Hand Trucks: $15 per day / $50 per week

Model Number: Dutro 58PMP-HD

The dutro heavy duty steel hand truck makes a great all-around hand truck to move all of your small to medium sized boxes and containers. As well as larger box-shaped items such as filing cabinets. With a 900 lb max capacity this hand truck will move just about anything that fits on the 7″ x 13″ toe plate.

  • 900 lb Capacity
  • 55″ Tall Frame
  • 13″ x 7″ Toe Plate

Appliance Trucks: $20 per day / $65 per week

Model Number: Dutro 1504

Standard duty Dutro appliance trucks are ideal for moving bulky appliances such as refrigerators, washers & dryers, and other items that require a strap to hold them secure during transport.

  • 700 lb Capacity
  • Single strap with geared ratchet to easily secure items
  • 58″ Tall Frame
  • 23″ Wide x 4″ Deep Toe Plate

Vending Trucks: $45 per day / $140 per week

Model Number: Dutro 1872

This Dutro heavy duty vending truck is designed to move very large, and heavy vending machines. The pair of swing-out wheels allows the truck to tilt back at a 60 degree angle on all 4 wheels to help maneuver heavy equipment during transport. With a 1,600 lb capacity and 2 Straps to secure the load, this vending truck will handle just about anything you throw at it.

  • 72″ Tall Frame
  • 1,600 lb Capacity
  • 24″ Wide x 4.5″ Deep Toe Plate
  • 2 Straps to Secure Loads
  • 60° Tilt-back angle

Pallet Jacks: $45 per day / $140 per week

Two sizes available

  • Standard BT LHM230U: 27″ x 48″ Forks
  • Narrow BT L2000: 20.5″ x 36″ Forks

The BT Pallet Jack is the universal hand pallet truck perfect for moving heavy loads in all types of applications. This tough, versatile truck has a rated load capacity of 5000 lbs.

  • 5000 lb capacity
  • 2.9″ Lowered Fork Height
  • 7.5″ Raised Fork Height

Platform Trucks: $35 per day / $110 per week

Model Number: Nutt 30×60-8RS

Wood deck platform trucks with a 2,000 lb capacity and removable steel handle. 

  • 2,000 lb capacity
  • Removable Steel Handle

Drywall Carts: $45 per day / $140 per week

Model Number: Dutro DW2448-8PPU

Dutro drywall carts with all swivel casters and poly wheels. 

  • 3,200 lb Capacity
  • All-swivel casters for greater mobility
  • 46.25″ Long x 24″ wide

Escalera Stair Climbing Electric Hand truck: $95 per day / $290 per week

Two models available

  • 66″ Tall Frame 
  • 72″ Tall frame with swing out legs

The Escalera StairCat is a powered stair climbing hand truck designed to lift bulky equipment and appliances up virtually any step surface.