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Ergotronix Ergo Force Motorized Work Positioner

The Ergotronix Ergo Force is ideal for secure positioning of any object for any project, no matter what size or shape. This versatile 3-axis work positioner enables movement of work to any suitable work position, offering unlimited applications in any industry and is advantageous in any shop or work area.

Work height adjustment, tilt and rotation start/stop are hand pendant controlled. Rotational direction and speed is adjusted from the control panel.


  • For loads up to 600 lbs
  • Designed for the most robust and heavy-duty applications
  • Offers full flexibility to move work to any suitable work position
  • Adaptable to any work fixtures

Video Demonstration by Ergotronix

This product is unavailable for online purchase. Please contact us for more information at 1-866-201-4271. Final price will vary from listed price.


Model Number Voltage Arm Length Overall Height Lifting Range Starting Price
EF600M3-110V 110V 30″ 73″ 25″ – 49″ $35,500.00
EF600M3-208V 208V 3-Phase 30″ 73″ 25″ – 49″ $35,500.00