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Wesco 15-Series Ergonomic Drum Trucks


15-Series Ergonomic Drum Trucks manufactured by Wesco.

These four wheel drum trucks from Wesco are designed to ease operator muscle strain and fatigue. Swivel casters allow for smooth and tight turns in narrow work areas, such as truck beds and loading docks. Designed for use with 30 and 55 gallon steel drums.


  • Four wheel swivel design for tight corners
  • Rear 6″ swivel casters
  • Front 10″ wheels
  • Replaceable hard faced double beveled nose prongs
  • self-storing chime hook
  • Kickstand
  • 20.5″ from floor to center of lowered chime hook
Model Number Capacity Wheel type Dimensions (W, H, & D) Weight Price
15BTC 1,000 lbs Moldon Rubber 24″ x 61″ x 21 5/8″ 79 lbs $776.20