The ProLift Professional Lifting Harness is the perfect two person system for those who need to move large objects on a daily basis. Ideal for the professional mover, appliance installer, and warehouse worker. The Prolift system is designed to take strain off those who lift heavy items all day long by placing the weight of the load on the shoulders and promoting proper lifting techniques. Placing the load on the shoulders and using your hands to push against the load insures that your back stays straight and lifting is done with the legs.


  • Two fully adjustable padded harnesses
  • One 12′ long by 5″ wide nylon moving strap
  • Two specialty tension buckles
  • Four snap locks
  • Includes carrying bag, instructional DVD, and instruction manual
  • Military grade hardware
  • Ergonomically designed to promote proper lifting techniques
Model Number Capacity Price
3500HD 1000 lbs $274.99