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Morse Enclosures For Hydra-Lift Drum Rotators

Enclosures with safety interlock for hydra-lift drum rotators manufactured by Morse.

Enclosures for Morse Hydra-Lift Drum Rotators have a safety interlock to automatically shut off the drum roller when the gate is opened. Open the enclosure gate, secure your upright drum on the base plate, then close the gate to allow operation. An opening in the side of the enclosure provides access to the raise and rotate controls on the drum roller with the drum safely enclosed.


  • Designed for use with specified Morse Hydra-Lift Drum Rotators
  • Enclosure with safety interlock
  • Drum rotator automatically stops when enclosure door is opened
Model Number Dimensions (L, W, & H) Fits Drum Rotator Model # Gate Switch Type Price
GEK-456-1 88″ x 40″ x 74″ 456-1-115 AC Call for quote
GEK-456-A 88″ x 40″ x 74″ 456-A Air Switch Call for quote

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.