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Melcher Dual Light Duty Ramps


Light Duty Fiberglass Ramps manufactured by Melcher.

These Dual Ramp models separate into 13-inch halves for loading lawn tractors, golf carts and other small vehicles. Ideal for short-haul deliveries of loads up to 1500 pounds. Lightweight, easy for one person to handle. Hand trucks roll easily and smoothly, yet super-traction surface provides safe, sure footing for drivers. Far less costly than hydraulic lifts. Used nationwide by institutional food distributors, department stores, rental services, produce and beverage distributors, dairies, bakeries and furniture stores.

  • Not to be used with forklift trucks, pallet jacks, or as dockboards.
Model Number Length Weight Working Height Width Capacity Price
1026 DR 10 Feet 89 lbs 20-30 Inches 26 Inches 1,500 lbs $888.46
1226 DR 12 Feet 101 lbs 26-35 Inches 26 Inches 1,500 lbs $1,055.38
1426 DR 14 Feet 121 lbs 30-45 Inches 26 Inches 1,500 lbs $1,313.85