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Melcher Auto Loader Ramps

Auto Loader Ramps manufactured by Melcher.

The Auto Loader is Melcher’s most popular ramp with movers across the nation because it can also be used as a single 36-inch wide ramp for loading household goods. Use the two 18-inch-wide halves separated for loading autos. Join the halves together for a 36-inch-wide walk-board for loads up to 5,000 pounds. Durable, economical, rugged, lightweight, and easy to handle. Available in seven lengths to suit your job requirements and truck-bed height.

  • Not to be used with forklift trucks, pallet jacks, or as dockboards.
Model Number Capacity Length Weight Width Working Height Price
636 AL 4,000 lbs 6 Feet 75 lbs 36 Inches 12-18 Inches Call for quote
7530 AL 4,000 lbs 7.5 Feet 75 lbs 30 Inches 13-22 Inches Call for quote
836 AL 4,000 lbs 8 Feet 95 lbs 36 Inches 16-24 Inches Call for quote
1036 AL 5,000 lbs 10 Feet 135 lbs 36 Inches 20-30 Inches Call for quote
1236 AL 5,000 lbs 12 Feet 155 lbs 36 Inches 26-35 Inches Call for quote
1436 AL 5,000 lbs 14 Feet 175 lbs 36 Inches 30-45 Inches Call for quote
1636 AL 5,000 lbs 16 Feet 220 lbs 36 Inches 34-50 Inches Call for quote

Please be advised: All Melcher Ramps currently have a 4 MONTH lead time

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