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Meco Medium Duty Cantilever Rack Add-on Units


Series 1000 medium duty cantilever rack add-on units manufactured by Meco Omaha.

Meco Omaha has assembled the most popular Series 1000 and Series 4000 cantilever components to create Starter and Add-On units—take the guesswork out of selecting a rack system! Order a single or double sided add-on unit consisting of 1 upright, straight arms and braces to extend an existing compatible cantilever rack.


  • Available in either single sided (as pictured) or double sided models for additional storage
  • Add-on units come with everything needed to extend a compatible 1000 series Meco Omaha cantilever rack.
Model Number Arm Length Compatible Starter Units Number of Arms Price
AM6 12″ SM6 3 $392.28
AM8 24″ SM8 4 $463.02
AM10 36″ SM10 6 $638.94
AMD6 12″ SMD6 6 $528.46
AMD8 24″ SMD8 8 $647.18
AMD10 36″ SMD10 12 $948.62