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Lakeshore Industrial Custom Made Manbaskets

Lakeshore Industrial, Inc. manufactures personnel lifting platforms, Manbaskets / Man Baskets under the trade name Custom Cage®. These work platforms are available in a wide variety of dimensions and capacities. They are designed to be suspended directly from a crane hook or attached to a forklift. Custom Cages® are certified to meet or exceed all existing state and federal codes. Each cage is load tested prior to shipping.

Custom Cages® are available in any size, shape or material to meet your needs. Lakeshore Industrial, Inc. builds the highest quality industrial platforms / manbaskets made.

Manufactured in compliance with AWS D1.1 welding procedures, with high strength square tubular design. Custom Cages® are built in full compliance with OSHA 29 CFR Subpart CC Section 1926.1431 final rule and A.S.M.E B30.23. Our name speaks for itself Custom Cage®, we will custom design the cage that meets your needs, or choose from over 20 standard models.

To get started on a quote please give us a call at 1-866-201-4271.