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Hilman ERS Series Roller Sets

ERS series roller sets manufactured by Hilman Rollers.

Hilman’s ERS series rollers are the lowest profile high capacity rollers in the world! Utilizing the endless chain concept, the basic ERS roller is designed for straight line motion, but can be outfitted with a swivel attachment for turning and improved positioning. Four preload pads and Four swivel locking attachments with diamond steel tops are included, which can easily be added onto the basic rollers. Sets also come with two steering handles.


  • Four low profile ERS rollers
  • Four diamond steel swivel attachments
  • Four preload pads
  • Two steering handles
  • Load heights as low as 2 – 3/4″
  • Capacities up to 400 Tons
  • Lowest profile high capacity rollers available



Model Number Capacity Handle Length Roller Type Weight Price
RS-15-ERSD 15-Tons 36″ 3.75-ERS 130 lbs Call for Quote
RS-20-ERSD 20-Tons 36″ 5-ERS 150 lbs Call for Quote
RS-40-ERSD 40-Tons 48″ 10-ERS 196 lbs Call for Quote
RS-50-ERSD 50-Tons 48″ 12.5-ERS 204 lbs Call for Quote
RS-100-ERSD 100-Tons 48″ 25-ERS 514 lbs Call for Quote
RS-260-ERSD 260-Tons 60″ 65-ERS 870 lbs Call for Quote
RS-400-ERSD 400-Tons 60″ 100-ERS 906 lbs Call for Quote

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.