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Handle-It Warehouse Guard Rails Accessories


Optional Accessories for Handle-It Warehouse Guard Rails

Lift-Out Adapter: To access equipment or space behind the guard rail system, Lift-Out Adapters are available. These adapters use slot assemblies on the columns to allow the rails to be removed and then dropped back into place.

Down Guard Adapter: Holds the bottom rail down to the column base plates and closes the gap between the bottom of the rail and the floor. Provides low-height protection that is easily removed.

45˚Angle Adapter: Allows a guard rail system to closely follow the contour of what is being protected while maximizing floor space.

Adj. Self-Closing Pedestrian Gate: Adjustable self closing pedestrian gate attaches to our guard rail columns. It has a width range of 36”-54” and is useful in walkways.

Model Number Description Price
LOA Lift-Out Adapter (Pair) $76.15
DGA Down Guard Adapter $76.15
AA-45 Angle Adapter $57.69