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Handle-It Heavy Duty End of Aisle Pallet Rack Protectors


Handle-It® Rack Protectors protect uprights from powered and non-powered material handling equipment impacts. They are an inexpensive, yet effective tool to help avoid dangerous and costly racking damage. Rack protectors will extend the life of your racking system, as well as increase safety for your workers.


  • 3/8″ Thick steel construction
  • Works with both standard and seismic baseplates
  • Left and right hand orientation for back to back pallet racks
  • Double loop guards for single rows of rack
  • 42” or 48” long guards to fit common rack frames
  • Steel floor angles attach securely to floor with 4 or 5 wedge anchors depending on length
  • Powder coated Handle-It yellow for high visibility
  • Custom sizes available upon request
Model Number # of Anchor Holes Description Price
RP-42LH-HD 4 Anchor Holes 42″ Left Hand Protector (46″ OAL) $137.00
RP-42RH-HD 4 Anchor Holes 42″ Right Hand Protector (46″ OAL) $137.00
RP-42-HD 4 Anchor Holes 42″ Double Sided Protector (50″ OAL) $166.83
RP-48LH-HD 5 Anchor Holes 48″ Left Hand Protector (50.5″ OAL) $162.50
RP-48RH-HD 5 Anchor Holes 48″ Right Hand Protector (50.5″ OAL) $162.50
RP-48-HD 5 Anchor Holes 48″ Double Sided Protector (52.5″ OAL) $196.00
4-PK-WA3-4X4.25 N/A 3/4″ Anchoring Wedge Bolts (4-Pack) $19.50