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Febco TiAL Blade Cart

Specifically designed to transport TiAL blades from one location to another. With compartments to safely carry 42 blades. The blades rest in plastic sleeves which are angled so there is no risk of spillage. Each compartment is 15 inches deep, and measures 5 x 5 inches square. The top has a rubber cap and HDPE Backstop so there is never a risk of metal to metal” contact. Each compartment is large enough to include “blade” specific data. The cart has a push handle on one end and a hook is provided to place a label on each cart. The carts measure 50 inches in height and the overall width of the base is 21 inches. The cart comes with four each 4 inch swivel casters with locks.


  • Cart measures 21″ wide at the base and is 37.5″ overall length.  
  • Comes with four each 4″ TPR casters, each with step down total lock brakes.
  • There are 42 angled plastic tubes measuring 5 x 5  that are 153/8 deep. Can be other depth if needed.
  • The top comes with a rubber cap, and a UHMW backstop.
  • The face at the top crossbar has a handy hook for an ID tag.
  • The 5 x 5 tube is large enough to also carry applicable documents pertaining to each individual part.
  • Built to order to fit your specific needs.

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