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Escalera Stair Climbing Hand Truck Accessories

Accessories for Escalera Stair Climbing Hand Trucks.

Big Wheel Attachment: Removable pneumatic 10” tires for rolling on rough terrain. Easily snaps on/off hand truck in seconds.

Auto-Rewind Safety Strap: 12 foot long nylon automatic rewinding safety strap. Upper, middle and lower positions available for maximum versatility.

Big Toe plate Attachment: Large removable toe plate fits over standard toeplate. Available in 2 sizes; 12” x 28” and 12” x 32”

Retractable Load Support: Wide track folding carriage legs with swivel casters. Foot operated latch allows for easy deployment without uprighting load.

Barrel Attachment: Concave, padded brace stabilizes cylinder shaped loads. Used for water-heaters, barrels and drums.

Height Adjustable Toe Plate: For moving loads with legs, such as furniture and snack vending machines.

Swivel Caster Attachment: Attaches easily to the back of the hand truck near the top handles. Allows the hand truck to lay flat and roll in a horizontal position.

Lift Plate Attachment: Removable 24” x 28” steel platform locks on to forks (for forklift models only).


Model Number Description Price
BWA-1 Big Wheel Attachment Call for quote
RW-1 Auto-Rewind Safety Strap Call for quote
BTA-12-28 Big Toe Plate Attachment (12″ x 28″) Call for quote
BTA-12-32 Big Toe Plate Attachment (12″ x 32″) Call for quote
RLS-1 Retractable Load Support Call for quote
BAR-1 Barrel Attachment Call for quote
HAT-1 Height Adjustable Toe Plate Call for quote
SCA-1 Swivel Caster Attachment Call for quote
LPA-1 Lift Plate Attachment Call for quote

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.