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EasyLift Ergonomic Drum Transporters


Ergonomic drum transporters manufactured by Easy Lift Equipment.

A simple, safe, and effective method that addresses the risks in manual material handling. The EasyLift Drum Transporter can safely and easily pick up steel, poly, and fiber drums, raising or lowering to a full 20 inches. Eliminate strained backs, pinched fingers and the risk of serious injuries caused by manhandling drums.


  • Reduces the risk of injuries associated with moving drums
  • Moves drums on/off wooden pallets, floor scales, and spill pallets without manhandling
  • Darcor ergonomic casters provide the best ergonomic manual travel available
  • Convenient foot pedal arrangement ensures both easy lifting and lowering of drums at 1” per stroke
  • Step-down foot floor lock for added safety
Model Number Capacity Dimensions (L, W, & H) Price
EL400 400 lbs 33.5” x 32″ x 48.5″ $3,280.00
EL600 600 lbs 36.5″ x 33.5″ x 48.5″ $3,280.00
EL800 800 lbs 39.5″ x 35″ x 48.5″ $3,280.00
EL1000 1000 lbs 42.5″ x 36.5” x 48.5″ $3,280.00