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EasyLift Empty Drum Stackers


Empty drum stackers manufactured by Easy Lift Equipment.

These electric drum stackers are designed to stack empty drums weighing up to 100 lbs to a max height of 70″. DC powered lift eliminates injuries associated with manually double or triple stacking empty drums.


  • Dramatically reduces the risk of injuries associated with manually stacking empty drums in trailers
  • Narrow 21” width easily places drums against trailer walls
  • DC powered lift can easily load and stack 240 drums on a single charge
  • Includes two 12-volt AGM deep cycle batteries, automatic charger and hydraulic pumps housed in cabinet with battery discharge indicator and key switch
  • Darcor PD ergonomic casters allow easy movement over dock plates and in & out of trailers
  • Ergonomic step-down foot floor lock for added safety

Video Demonstration From EasyLift

Model Number Dimensions (L, W, & H) Capacity Price
EL10072DC 27.5″ x 21″ x 94.5″ 100 lbs $5,786.67