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Cortina Channelizer Drums


Cortina TrailBoss channelizer drums.

All Cortina traffic safety products meet all applicable MUTCD and NCHRP-350 crash test standards.


  • HDPE construction
  • NTPEP tested
  • Meets NCHRP-350 & MUTCD Standards
  • Available Plain, or with Engineer, Hi-Intensity, or Diamond Grade Sheeting
  • Accommodates Barricade Lights
  • Rubber bases made from recycled tires

Please Note: Drums and Rubber Bases are sold separately

Model Number Description Price
03-780 Drum Only with No Sheeting $36.05
03-780-4EG Drum Only with 4″ Engineer Stripes $48.07
03-780-6EG Drum Only with 6″ Engineer Stripes $50.65
03-780-4HI Drum Only with 4″ Hi-intensity Stripes $56.22
03-780-6HI Drum Only with 6″ Hi-intensity Stripes $68.23
03-780-4FP3M Drum Only with 4″ Diamond Grade Stripes $83.27
03-780-6FP3M Drum Only with 6″ Diamond Grade Stripes $101.72
03-750-TRG 22.5 lb Tire Ring Base $11.34
03-732-25 25lb Molded Rubber Base $30.44
03-732-30 30lb Molded Rubber Base $49.78