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Bond Super Duty Dollies

Super Duty Cup Dollies manufactured by Bond Caster and Wheel Corporation.

These are compact triangular shaped dollies with a cup center. One dolly is placed under each post or leg of the article you intend to move; once all posts have dollies you simply roll your article through doorways, onto elevators, down the street, into the truck, or across the room!


  • Cast semi-steel construction
  • Cup measures 2″ deep with a 6-1/4″ top diameter, and 5-1/4″ bottom diameter
  • 1-1/4″ floor clearance
  • 3″ diameter wheels

Wheel Choices:

  • Semi-Steel: Excellent for high capacity, or high heat applications
  • Rubber Tread: Best choice for floor protection. Hard Rubber available for higher capacities
  • Bondcelon: High weight capacity phenolic wheels used in a variety of conditions; high heat, water, grease, oils, animal fats, acids and detergents
  • Tuffbond: Hard white plastic wheels with a high weight capacity, wide temperature range, non-marking, non-shedding, anti-static, non-absorbent, and impervious to most chemicals.


Model Number Capacity Wheel Type Weight Price
3310 Soft Rubber 375 lbs Soft Rubber 18.5 lbs Call for quote
3310 Hard Rubber 630 lbs Hard Rubber 18.5 lbs Call for quote
3310 Bondcelon 750 lbs Bondcelone 18.5 lbs Call for quote
3310 Tuffbond 750 lbs Tuffbond 18.5 lbs Call for quote
3310 Semi-Steel 750 lbs Semi-Steel 18.5 lbs Call for quote

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