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Bond Super Duty Dollies


Super Duty Cup Dollies manufactured by Bond Caster and Wheel Corporation.

These are compact triangular shaped dollies with a cup center. One dolly is placed under each post or leg of the article you intend to move; once all posts have dollies you simply roll your article through doorways, onto elevators, down the street, into the truck, or across the room!


  • Cast semi-steel construction
  • Cup measures 2″ deep with a 6-1/4″ top diameter, and 5-1/4″ bottom diameter
  • 1-1/4″ floor clearance
  • 3″ diameter wheels

Wheel Choices:

  • Semi-Steel: Excellent for high capacity, or high heat applications
  • Rubber Tread: Best choice for floor protection. Hard Rubber available for higher capacities
  • Bondcelon: High weight capacity phenolic wheels used in a variety of conditions; high heat, water, grease, oils, animal fats, acids and detergents
  • Tuffbond: Hard white plastic wheels with a high weight capacity, wide temperature range, non-marking, non-shedding, anti-static, non-absorbent, and impervious to most chemicals.


Model Number Capacity Wheel Type Weight Price
3310 Soft Rubber 375 lbs Soft Rubber 18.5 lbs $97.85
3310 Hard Rubber 630 lbs Hard Rubber 18.5 lbs $97.85
3310 Bondcelon 750 lbs Bondcelone 18.5 lbs $97.85
3310 Tuffbond 750 lbs Tuffbond 18.5 lbs $128.92
3310 Semi-Steel 750 lbs Semi-Steel 18.5 lbs $97.85
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