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B&B 5 Leg Giant Jacks

Ideal for large diameter pipe up to 36”, B&B Giant Jacks come with V-Heads only or with multiple wheel options. The Five Leg Giant Jack has optional casters allowing pipe movement. Increased steel dimensions throughout, including 1 ¾” solid Acme rod make the B&B Giant Jacks the toughest on the market.


  • Operating height with swivel casters. 31″ – 45″
  • Operating height with Jack only. 22″ – 36″
  • Maximum Pipe Diameter 36″
  • Solid 1 ¾” Acme thread adjustment
  • Optional Urethane over steel casters with solid hub

Multiple add-ons available, including stainless steel sleeves for contamination free fit-up, recommended Hold Down Chain for transport, ball transfer attachments for variation of pipe movement and more. -Click Here-

Model Number Capacity Description Price
3500 5,000 lbs Five Leg Giant Jack (no wheels or casters) Call for quote
3510 2,500 lbs Five Leg Giant Jack Package (Jack, Casters, & Steel Wheels) Call for quote
3511 1,000 lbs Five Leg Giant Jack Package (Jack, Casters, & Rubber Wheels) Call for quote

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.