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B&B 3 Leg Giant Jacks

Ideal for large diameter pipe up to 36”, B&B Giant Jacks come with V-Heads only or with multiple wheel options. Increased steel dimensions throughout, including 1 ¾” solid Acme rod make the B&B Giant Jacks the toughest on the market.


  • 33″ – 44″ height adjustment
  • Recommended for up to 36” pipe
  • Solid 1 ¾” Acme thread adjustment

Multiple add-ons available, including stainless steel sleeves for contamination free fit-up, recommended Hold Down Chain for transport, ball transfer attachments for variation of pipe movement and more. -Click Here-

Model Number Capacity Description Price
3501 5,000 lbs Three Leg Giant Jack (no wheels) Call for quote
3512 2,500 lbs Three Leg Giant Jack With Steel wheels Call for quote
3513 1,000 lbs Three Leg Giant Jack With Rubber wheels Call for quote

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.